How Ebiz MLM Network Marketing Company Works?


Ebiz is another MLM network marketing company! MLM is nothing but “Multi level Marketing”. So what is Ebiz? Is Ebiz a scam? Is it a fraud mlm company? You must have these questions about this network marketing company.

So, are you new to the company “Ebiz”? Don’t know either you should join it or not? Is it a legal or a fraud company? Well! In short and at the very starting of this blog, I want to clear that Ebiz is a fraud company and never join it.Here, I have done the complete review of Ebiz company which is nothing but targets to fool innocent dreamers.

What is Ebiz? Pvt Ltd is running since June 2001 and more than 12 lac people have joined this company. Wait! 12 lacs!!!
Let’s do the math here. They ask for 10,800 Indian Rupees as a joining fee.
Money= 12,00000*10,800 = 12,960,000,000
Yeah! That’s 12 Billion+ . That’s how much Ebiz’s founder have been made yet.
Ebiz is an MLM company (Multi-Level-Marketing) that says join the company with an amount and then make two other people join the company at your referral and get some percentage by their joining. Now, that two will further make join two-two more candidates under them and then this chain continues to grow. The truth is what they give you as the commission is not even 0.00001% of the amount they receive by each joining. Let us say if they’re giving 10% on each joining by referral then at the joining of two people at ebiz they’re giving 10% of 10,800 to you which is only 1,080*2 for two.

Forget the maths, network marketing companies are illegal in India. What Ebiz do is nothing but they’re just spreading fake hopes to less educated (or less smart) to become Warren Buffet one day. They don’t realise that Warren Buffet has exceptional talent in his field and no one can beat him. So we can say that “Ebiz, a Fraud MLM network marketing company continues making new fools every day.?” Lets dig it further:-

Who is Pawan Malhan?
Pawan Malhan is the most mysterious person in the world after that “alien” kept in area-51 I guess. No one has ever seen him alive and there’s nothing much about him on the internet. Ebizers claims that he was a Math’s professor at IIT-Delhi which is nothing but a big lie, also who used to teach once in Canada. This is all just a fake story. If he’s such a great man, then I never found any great person who do not have their Wikipedia page. “Maybe he’s just too great to be get interviewed by Wikipedia even”. No one has ever met him personally. All Ebizer just claims that he exist because that’s what they’ve heard from their uplines. And one thing that all the Ebizer have to remember:

“Your Uplines are never wrong.
If you think you’ve a doubt on them, then read the above line again”.

Pawan Malhan used to run a Network marketing company in the USA as SkyBiz which was considered as Fraud. Even if you’ll search on google “SkyBiz Founder”, you’ll clearly see this:

Parody of Ebiz
My Personal experience with Ebiz was weird and overwhelming. One of my friends invited me to attend his “seminar” (they call it conference) and claimed me that “your life will change after this conference as his changed”. Later I found that every Ebizer claims to their new clients as this is not something new, but to gain their client’s trust.

When I arrived at the centre for the conference, I found a crowd all wearing formals; white shirt, black pants! And they’re calling each other “Sir”. This is the word Ebizer use all the time. I’ve been noticing one of my friend who is in Ebiz that now even in his normal life he called everyone Sir! Lol. Till now I was sure that “Ebiz, a Fraud MLM network marketing company continues making new fools every day” and today I’m one of them.

At the centre, my friend told me that I’ve had to purchase a coupon of 50 rupees to attend the conference which I found little cheap. There is a thing in Ebiz, they are so strongly trained or brain-washed that wherever they see someone trying to categorise Ebiz with something bad, everyone no-matter they know you or not will come up with justification. When I object against the 50 rupees charge then one of the unknown Ebizer came up with the justification that its because the conference is going to happen in such giant hotel (which was not even a 1-star hotel) which contains AC and the regular supply of water bottles. I was like alright!

Beginning of the conference!

Before the beginning of this MLM network marketing company Ebiz’s conference, I just thought in my mind that maybe I’m wrong about my conception that Ebi is a Fraud MLM network marketing company continues making new fools every day.
So here the drama begins. Ebizers praise each other a lot. It’s like they’ve created their own criteria and parameters of “what is excellence” and all the Ebizers are the king of it. At starting of the Ebiz conference they just keep on saying big words about their company and themselves. But they all are waiting for some specific person whom they were seeking as a God. At the moment when that so-called important person arrives, they started reacting like Shahrukh Khan came. Everyone like Sir! Sir! Sir!. Few guys at the back started cheering his name followed by other Ebizers as “Hip-Hip-Hurray”. But everything was okay until the song of “Dabang Movie- Hud Hud Dabang” starts to shout in the small room. Few Ebizers were actually gathered around that person coming from door to the front of the room, which was just a 5-6 meters of distance from the door but they were reacting like he needs a security or perhaps they were trying to prove in front of new-comers that how important that person is, which from my sight was looking cinematic and dramatic.

Conference Starts:
During a conference, whatever they speak is actually related to the common man’s problem related to money shortage, which is nothing but a strategy to gain the trust of people sitting there. I’ll not lie but for a moment even I started believing in them. But sooner or later, they’ll jump on their main agenda. After crisscrossing from here and there, manipulating the talks, focusing on that Ebiz is actually about spreading Computer literacy in India, they ended up to the main point of the conference that is “Business”. They’ll assure you that how Ebiz gives you a free of costs opportunity of starting a free business that’ll nothing but makes him 32 lacks a year at least. People started to having their eyes big.

During the conference, they’ll try to give real life example which will seem like random one but if you’ll ever attend their conference twice (which is like attempting suicide again in case you survived the first one ) you’ll realise that nothing is random. Each example is repetitive and almost every Ebizer as a speaker speaks of the same speech. They’ll criticise every course or graduation available in the market especially engineering. Okay! Oaky! I accept that engineering placement is poor in India, so that concludes everyone should opt or join Ebiz????

I still remember the example of “why coca cola companies sell their drinks at 12-14 rupees in a market even their manufacturing costs is around of 1 rupee. Because their advertisement is done by Hero-Heroine”. They trying to justify that why the computer course product of Ebiz is so cheap even after providing so many important things in the course because they do not advertise. Okay? But have you ever have a look at their computer courses? They are like of a nursery level for any programmer. And everything is already available on the internet with free of costs even with better quality, then why pay for such things? Till now, I’m sure you must be realised that this MLM network marketing company us nothing but a Fraud MLM network marketing company continues making new fools every day.

Ebiz provides e-certificates for passing their computer courses which they claim are ISO certified but have no real value in life. No one is fool outside in the real world, even now when there’s a cut-throat competition in everything, to give you a job on the basis of certain e-certificates.

What did I find?
What I’ve found myself that Ebiz is a fraud company which are ruining lives of millions now. I know many people (of course Ebizers) will found this article repulsive but I just want to say that you’re doing nothing for the sake of yourself or this world by becoming a part of a network marketing company. Sooner or later you’ll realise that it was all a big mistake. Those who pretend that they’re earning their living from Network marketing are actually a part of something big. Big means it’s a whole setup and being an associate you’re a toy nothing else. Work on something, build something that can actually save the problem in a society. Temperature is increasing, women’s are getting raped, child labour is some of the problems. Build something to remove such issues from society, then see how much money you’ll make. The overall point is do something that has some worth. That’s it. At the end, I just want to say that this MLM network marketing company is nothing but another player in the market and Ebiz is a Fraud MLM network marketing company continues making new fools every day

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