How to Handle People When Prospecting for your MLM Business


There’s a lot of fear in our industry. It leads to lies and uncertainty for many prospects, and it’s a problem that I’ve spent the last decade trying to help network marketers overcome.

So, how do you overcome the truth and lies to help your prospect select the right network marketing opportunity? You handle it in three simple ways –

  1. Put on your helpful hat.
  2. Congratulate them on their industry choice.
  3. Help them determine their needs/wants and which company is the best fit for them.

Let’s explore these steps in more detail.

Putting on your helpful hat

You know that the key to helping a prospect make the right decision is to be interested in him or her. In other words, to be successful in this industry you have to genuinely want to help people.

It is this willingness that drives you in effectively handling objections and questions about our exciting industry.

When you focus on their needs rather than your own, you will usually pick up on what’s stopping them from realizing what they want or need.

The decision or conclusion that both you and your MLM prospect reach may not always appear to be to your advantage – but indirectly it always is.

Congratulate them on their industry choice

What do you do when the prospect tells you, “I’m looking at another MLM company as well as yours and I don’t know which one I like better?”

You could move to the defensive and start listing the reasons your company is “the one for them.” Or you could be the leader I know you can be and focus on helping them move forward with the company that makes the most sense for THEIR needs and wants.

So, the first step in this journey is to congratulate your prospect on their choice to join the network marketing industry. Even though they haven’t committed to your opportunity, they have overcome a big objection for many prospects – our industry.

Help your prospect determine their needs & company

This is the important point of the conversation and the hardest part for you – you have to have the right intentions and mindset to help them through this decision process. The other company may be much more suited for their unique wants and needs.

If that’s the case, this consultative approach – helping them establish their wants and needs – will help you let them go in the right direction. You did your job. You achieved success.

It may not feel like success on the surface. It may feel like you gave your prospect away to the “competition.”

But if you have the right mindset, you didn’t fail. You achieved your goal of helping your prospect determine their wants and needs and to take a step forward.

Think about the flip side for a second – if they had joined you and it wasn’t the right fit, would they have found success with your team? Did you just alleviate a down-the-road problem? Probably, and if they do decide your opportunity is better, they’ll remember you helped them and may seek you out again.

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