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Local business owners around the globe are starting to realize that business article marketing is extremely powerful! You’ve probably heard your colleagues talking about how they’re using article marketing, or perhaps you’ve read articles about local business article marketing on the web. Maybe you’re still not sure what is involved with article marketing or if it can work for you. That is completely fine. At least you have a sneaking suspicion it can be an effective marketing tool for you, and you’re curious as to how to get started.

Let’s start at the beginning: How does local business article marketing work?

1 – You write articles on your general niche. (There is no need to mention your location in your title or article body).

2 – Then you craft a resource box that includes your location specific keyword terms. It helps to use your location specific keyword terms to form the clickable link to your website. You can do this via an HTML resource box.

Then what?

You have just created what is called a “free reprint article”. You submit your article to publishers, who in turn publish the article on their websites and in their ezines. When someone sees your article online, they can republish it–the idea is to have your article republished repeatedly on a continuous basis so that it appears on as many websites as possible. Each time your article is republished, so is your resource box, which includes a link to your website. The more times your article is republished, the more links you have going into your website.

Link building is the primary purpose of article marketing.

What’s the big deal about links?

Links play a powerful role in website marketing. Not only do links build a bridge between your article and your website, but links also send a message to Google that your website deserves a higher ranking for your location specific keyword terms. For example, a bakery in London has a website. When someone types “London bakery” into Google they are provided with a list of websites. The websites are listed in order, with the ones that Google thinks have the greatest chance of satisfying the searcher’s query at the top.

If this bakery website shows up in the 175th spot in Google’s list when someone searches for “London bakery”, then that means that the website has a search engine ranking of 175 for that keyword term. (The keyword term in this instance is “London bakery”.) When you build links with article marketing, you can impact where Google lists your website in the results lists. The ideal is to be listed as the #1 search result. The #1 search result receives approximately 8.5 times more website visitors than than the 5th ranked site, which translates into a huge difference in website visitors.

Do you need to have your articles published on websites that have viewers in your geographic location? For example, if your business is a London bakery, do you need to search for publishers who are also based in London? I get this question quite frequently from local business owners who are interested in doing article marketing, and the answer is:

Absolutely not!

It does not matter where the publisher lives. The internet is global–there are publishers all over the planet, and websites in the English language will commonly have viewers from all over the world. The location of the readers and the publishers does not matter though.

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